Broadway crash raises concerns

A crash on South Broadway Tuesday at around 6:30 p.m. has caused concern for Minot Police Department Capt. John Klug.

The two-vehicle crash that sent Dannyale Charging, 22, Mandaree, to Trinity Hospital in Minot with facial injuries was only one in a string of injury accidents at hotspots around town that could be avoided with better observation and planning ahead.

According to police, Charging exited the Marketplace Foods store at the corner of South Broadway and 20th Avenuse Southwest to the east onto South Broadway, attempting a left turn. A southbound vehicle on the outside lane stopped and flagged Charing to go ahead and make her turn, which she did without watching for a vehicle in the inside lane.

As she pulled forward she collided with a vehicle driven by Jose Alverado, 37, El Paso, Texas. Charging was charged with driving with a suspended license, a Class B misdemeanor, a second offense of driving without liability insurance and for failure to yield from a private drive.

“It’s one of the worst places for traffic accidents” in the city, Klug said. “We’re basically asking for people to preplan their travels and try to use safe exits.”

The places of concern for Klug are those where motorists attempt to cross multiple lanes while making a left turn.

Broadway is of particular concern because, as a part of U.S. Highway 83, it falls partially under state and federal control. The highway stretches to the Mexican border in Brownsville at the southern tip of Texas to the Canadian border near Westhope.

“We continually monitor and always study all of our highways and certainly we’re aware if there are accidents happening,” said Jamie Olson, a spokeswoman for the North Dakota Department of Transportation. “We encompass the whole entire state and obviously we have seen a huge increase in traffic and vehicle miles and higher crashes.”

She said that while the department is aware of the increase in crashes in the area she doesn’t know of any particular traffic studies on the stretch of U.S. Highway 83 known as Broadway through town.