Bakken oil boom

PARSHALL The discovery of the Parshall Field is largely responsible for the current Bakken oil boom in North Dakota.

EOG Resources drilled the Parshall 1-36H well eight years ago.

K Leonard, manager of Public Relations for EOG Resources in Houston, said the well was spud in May 2006 and was the discovery well for the Parshall field. She said the well is still producing.

Michael Johnson, a geologist from Denver, is recognized as responsible for the discovery, according to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Johnson had the idea that eastern Mountrail County, east of the Bakken oil window and outside the area thought to be the continuous accumulation, was a good place to find another big Bakken field. He determined that eastern Mountrail County had some similarities to the highly productive Elm Coulee Field, an oil field in eastern Montana that was discovered in the mid-1990s.

EOG Resources drilled the discovery well in the Parshall Field in eastern Mountrail County.

Johnson has been honored by the those including the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for his contributions to the discovery of the Parshall Field and his outstanding career.

On June 25 in Tioga, North Dakota will celebrate its millionth barrel of crude oil production a day with activities including an air show. Th event, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., will be held at Neset Consulting Service at the north edge of Tioga. It is free and open to the public.