Operation Heroes a big success

Saturday’s Operation?Heroes event at Minot Air Force Base was an opportunity to show children of military families a much friendlier version of what their parents go through when they are deployed. It was probably also an eye-opener of sorts for any non-military members who took part.

About 100 children from military families took part in the event Saturday, the third year the base has held such an event. The children experienced a kid-friendly deployment, receiving backpacks, their immunization records and dog tags. They underwent a pre-deployment briefing, and took a special warrior oath with the main instruction being to have fun. The kids were deployed to the non-existent country of Kidakastan, and toured what living quarters might look like for deployed troops. The day ended with a picnic, a reunion and a demonstration by the base’s trained canines.

The goal of Operation Heroes, according to Minot AFB officials, is to build communication and give families a little better understanding of what deployed soldiers experience. Given those goals, it might be a good experience for the base to hold a similar event for interested civilians to give them a better understanding of what a deployment entails.