Extension is a good compromise

We’re glad the full City Council on Monday approved an extension until June 16 for the removal of temporary housing units from private lots in the city.?It was the right thing to do.

We realize that there is frustration among some residents living in the flood zone because there are still 30 to 32 temporary Federal Emergency Management Agency housing units in place. But there is an end in sight to the presence of FEMA?units on private land in the city.

The city council’s action Monday requires that homeowners still using temporary housing units submit a plan to the city outlining their plans for completing work on the flood-damaged residences. Many of those still with FEMA?units on their property have indicated that they won’t need to ask for an extension past June 16 because they will be finished with repairs and will have the FEMA units removed by then. Others who may apply for the extension indicated they would only need a few weeks or possibly a couple of months.

No one wants the city harassing residents who are still struggling to finish work on flood-damaged homes, and we trust that it won’t come to that. At Monday’s meeting, Bob Lower spoke on behalf of volunteers who he said are ready to assist homeowners who still need help with flood repair. Lower said volunteers will assist with construction, but would also help with preparing documents required by the city to receive extensions to remove the FEMA?units.

The city’s offer of an extension, accompanied by a plan to finish repair work, is a good compromise for everyone involved.