Dakota Recreation Report

Outdoor notes

Saturday: Special Needs Fishing Day, Outlet Fishing Area. 10 a.m., Upper Souris Nat’l Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The area is closed to the public until 3 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday: Free Fishing Weekend.

Wednesday-June 15: Potholes & Prairie Birding Festival, Jamestown. Call 650-9002 for information or email


June 20: Lostwood Birding Festival, Lostwood NWR. Call (701) 848-2722 for more information.


Today: Devils Lake, Grahams Island.

Saturday-Sunday: Lake Sakakawea; Indian Hills Resort, Lake Sakakawea; Parshall Bay.

Saturday: Lake Audubon; 3-Mile Corner, Missouri River, Upper Missouri River, Devils Lake; East Bay.

June 13-14: Lake Sakakawea, Van Hook Arm.

June 14-15: Devils Lake; Spirit Lake Casino, Devils Lake; Grahams Island.

June 14: Lake Sakakawea; Wolf Creek, Hiddenwood Lake.


Devils Lake elevation, June 2: 1,453.34 feet above mean sea level.

Stump Lake elevation: 1,453.37 feet.

Lake Sakakawea elevation: 1,840.4 feet; 30.000 cubic feet per second average (CFS) Garrison Dam daily releases.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. game wardens: Lake Sakakawea fair to good for walleye in general with lots of activity around Douglas Bay. Devils Lake improving for walleye throughout the lake. Try Pelican Lake or Highway 57. White bass are slow with just scatted success.

Beulah, Dakota Waters, Lake Sakakawea: Lake Sakakawea improving for walleye. Try Beaver or Nishu bays in the shallows using Lindy rigs or jigs and minnows in 5 to 6 feet. Devils Lake improving for walleye throughout the lake. Try Pelican Lake or Highway 57. White bass are slow with just scatted success.

Bismarck, Dakota Tackle, Missouri River/area lakes: Missouri River improving for walleye around Washburn and Cross Ranch areas north of Bismarck. Try Cattail Bay and farther south of Bismarck-Mandan for bigger fish. Tailrace slow. Lake Audubon fair for walleye.

Bottineau, Four Seasons, Lake Metigoshe: Lots of activity with fair to good bluegill success in the shallows. Try a evening bite for walleye.

Coleharbor, Totten Trail, Lakes Audubon and Sakakawea: Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon improving for walleye. Try the back bays in 3 to 10 feet.

Devils Lake, Ed’s Bait, Devils Lake: Try the north end of Pelican Lake in 2 to 10 feet using slip bobbers and nightcrawlers for walleye. Look for lots of pike, as well. Also try pitching crankbaits. Work any of the bridges from shore in the evening for walleye using Lindy rigs and leeches or pitching plastics. Smaller bays are warming and producing increasing numbers of walleye.

Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, Devils Lake: Continued good pike success with some walleye success in the shallow. Try pitching crankbaits in warm water areas.

Dickinson, Andrus Outdoors, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Lake Sakakawea good for walleye throughout much of the midsection from Mel’s Marina to Skunk and McKenzie bays. Try 7 to 12 feet with nightcrawlers or minnows and Lindy rigs or spinners.

Foxholm, Upper Souris NWR, Lake Darling: Lots of activity on Lake Darling and Baker’s Bridge.

Garrison, Cenex Bait & Tackle, Lakes Audubon and Sakakawea: Lake Sakakawea fair to good for walleye in a variety of depths from 1 to 30 feet. Look for a mix of white bass, smallmouth bass, and pike, as well. Move around, the east end in general is producing fish. Lake Audubon also fair to good for walleye. Move around and try a variety of depths and presentations because it, too, is good in general. The Missouri River is starting to improve around Washburn for some nice-sized walleye.

Garrison, Indian Hills Resort, Lake Sakakawea, Good Bear Bay: Fair to good for a mix of walleye, catfish, smallmouth bass, pike, and white bass with some rough fish mixed in.

Garrison, 6-Mile Bait & Tackle, Lakes Audubon & Sakakawea: Lake Sakakawea remains fair for walleye from the U.S. Highway 83 embankment working west to Douglas Bay. Try shallow in the bays or main lake structure in 20 to 30 feet using Lindy rigs or jigs with minnows. Try 3 to 10 feet using spinners and nightcrawlers for walleye in the bays on Lake Audubon.

Mandan, Southside MVP, Missouri River/area lakes: Work the back bays of the Little Missouri Arm for walleye in 4 to 15 feet using spinners and minnows or Lindy rigs and nightcrawlers.

Mandaree, McKenzie Bay Marina, Lake Sakakawea, Little Missouri Arm: Work the back bays of the Little Missouri Arm for walleye in 4 to 15 feet using spinners and minnows or Lindy rigs and nightcrawlers.

New Town, Scenic 23, Lake Sakakawea: Fair to good walleye success in Parshall Bay and Van Hook Arm. Work shallow with a variety of presentations.

New Town, Van Hook Bait & Tackle, Lake Sakakawea, Van Hook Arm: Look for walleye in shallower water with most activity in the northern tip of Van Hook Arm. Try Lindy rig or jigs and nightcrawlers but look for a switch to leeches soon.

Pick City, Scott’s Bait & Tackle, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Continued Missouri River activity from both boat and shore for a mix of species. Lake Sakakawea OK for walleye with best success along the north shore. Try 7 to 25 feet using a variety of live bait presentations. Pike remain active. Good smallmouth bass success throughout most bays from shore.

Ruthville, Ruthville Store, Lake Darling & area lakes: Some pike and small walleye success on the Souris River below Lake Darling Dam. Also try Baker’s Bridge. Lake Sakakawea improving for walleye.

Williston, Scenic Sports, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River/area lakes: Lake Sakakawea remains good but is muddying up a little. Try White Earth and Little Beaver bays, although most of the midsection and west end is producing success. Sort through for the keepers, though. Try McGregor Dam for trout or Kota-Ray Dam for a mix of bluegill and trout. Trenton Lake and the rivers are muddy.

River height and streamflow

Des Lacs River, Foxholm: River stage, 7.53 feet; streamflow, 165 CFS.

Little Missouri River, Long X Bridge: River stage, 0.73 feet; streamflow, 552 CFS.

Souris River, Foxholm: River stage, 7.49 feet; streamflow, 331 CFS.

Souris River, Minot: River stage, 6.39 feet; streamflow, 463 CFS.

Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont.: River stage, 16.11 feet; streamflow, 68,500 CFS/

Numbers to know

N.D. Game and Fish Dept., main Bismarck office: 328-6300, website: (gf.nd.gov).

Report All Poachers: (800) 472-2121 or (701) 328-9921.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (www.fws.gov/