Supporting Chuck Barney

Lynn Aas, Minot

I want our next mayor to be someone who has given the position thought and has made the commitment to serve our community knowing all that this entails. We elect the mayor to a four-year term and the next four years for Minot will be so important for shaping the community we will be. We need someone with experience who can hit the ground running. Just think of all that has changed in the past four years and all that our community has been through.

There is no question to me where my vote will go for mayor. I will be voting for Chuck Barney on Tuesday and I would encourage you to join me and vote for Chuck as well. He has been in the community talking to leaders, members of clubs, coffee groups and many more. He is approachable and listens. Chuck has served the community of Minot for many years in many leadership positions. He understands how important it is going to be to develop better relationships with schools, parks and county for increased efficiencies and collaboration. Minot needs a strong leader with experience and that person is Chuck.