Questions for Napolitano

Bruce Brooks, Minot

In the May 28 Minot Daily News, Andrew Napolitano asks a multitude of “what if” questions. All are designed to highlight what he considers as contributing to the disintegration of the United States, and to what he considers the ineptitude of the government.

So I have a couple of “what ifs” for Mr. Napolitano.

What if you remembered that every decision by every administration can be similarly questioned? What if Napolitano and his ilk actually had had to deal with events that faced each administration?

What if he were willing to put down his pundit hat (and the money that comes from it) and actually deal with the events he mentioned?

What if history has shown that most situations are not nearly as simple as he would have them?

His column is a great example of someone not having responsibility for events, but questioning those who do.