Wee Links in great shape

Kevin Ternes, Minot

I would like to compliment the Minot Park District, the Minot Junior Golf Association and the sponsors of each hole for a wonderful golf course called Jack Hoeven Wee Links. The course is in wonderful shape this season and I have enjoyed being out there with our grandkids.

Even if you are not a golfer, I would encourage you to take a young person out to this experience and let them golf while you enjoy the walk. Kids don’t need to own or bring any equipment as they can rent golf clubs for less than a dollar.

Now when many of us focus on what we or our city don’t have, I believe it’s good to be aware of, use and then appreciate the opportunities we do have available at a minimal cost.

I encourage you to take a young person to Wee Links and golf with them. Or simply let them golf and you enjoy the walk and satisfaction of watching a young person enjoy themselves in learning a new sport. You and the young folks will be getting exercise without the aid of radio, television or electronic devices.

Any opportunity we have to spend with our kids or grandkids without the many distractions present in today’s world is a benefit I don’t believe you want to miss.

Again, thanks to the Minot Park District and Junior Golf Association for a fun and economic way to spend 90 minutes.