I voted for Chuck Barney

Alan Walter, Minot

I’ve spoken with Chuck Barney and know where he stands on key issues facing the City of Minot. His knowledge of city government is extensive and supported by the number of years that he served as 4th Ward Alderman and council president.

What has stood out to me though is his stance on holding the line on property taxes. The city has grown and the need to provide quality service to the residents of Minot is at an all-time high. I want someone who understands the importance of quality of life yet is fiscally responsible. Property taxes are a large burden on the residents of Minot with many on a fixed income. The city needs to do all it can to hold the line on taxes and ease this burden.

I dealt with Chuck on a number of issues during my years as Public Works Director. I found that he made himself aware of issues being presented to the council. He had no problem asking hard questions of the department heads and staff on any number of issues.

I found Chuck to be fair and a straight shooter when dealing with staff and citizens alike. I worked with him on several issues outside of council meetings. And found the same quality from him in dealing with issues other than council issues.

And his fiscal responsibility was shown time and again when dealing with city budgets each year. He insisted many times on holding the line for the yearly budgets.

So, I believe, we want a mayor who is experienced, fiscally responsible, firm and fair in dealing with the many issues the city is facing in the coming year.

I voted early. I voted for Chuck Barney.