Common Core concerns

Judy Stahl, Valley City

I support North Dakota’s right to set its own standards of public school educational excellence but North Dakota as well as many other states have become entangled in implementing the Common Core national standards without even a vote of the North Dakota Legislature. Testing is an integral part of Common Core. If North Dakota were to simply opt out of testing, Common Core would end.

This program is being sold as a simply a movement by certain non-governmental organizations and state governors when in truth it is a top down plan by wealthy backers such as Bill Gates who stand to benefit by selling the textbooks, computer programs, etc. necessary to teach to the tests. They know that eventually the cost of the program will be too burdensome for the states and local school districts who will then cry for federal dollars to implement it. That’s when the “teeth” begin to set in as federal aid to state and local schools will come with federal control.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler admitted when speaking about why North Dakota did not apply for a No Child Left Behind Waiver in order to receive federal funds for implementing Common Core said, “The further we progressed through the waiver process, the more we felt we were being asked to adopt another national, one-size-fits-all model of education.” So why was it still adopted?

Thus far only math and English Common Core standards have been set with science soon to follow. Advocates changed the name from Common Core to “Next Generation Science Standards” as there has been so much opposition to the Common Core branding.

Federal control of education gives ample opportunity for political propaganda and indoctrination to enter into the curriculum-even subtle ideas can be introduced into math problems, say nothing of literature, history, and science. There are plans to expand into sex education and imbed it into regular classes so parents will not be able to opt their child out of it, exposing them to information inappropriate for their maturity and without moral guidance to accompany it.

Compliance with Common Core will include data mining of our school children. Highly personal information about the students and their families, not just grades, will follow our K-12 students into adulthood.

The website ( has email addresses for legislators on the ND education committee and helpful info to end Common Core in N.D. Get involved-we owe it to our children!