Kids make plans for summer vacation

Thursday was the last day of school for children in the Minot Public Schools and Edison Elementary was hopping with excitement.

Outside the front doors, a group of children took part in an energetic Zumba class, led by a parent. On the playground, kids in shorts raced around as if they were already enjoying their summer freedom. Indoors, third-graders enjoyed a sack lunch.

Two of the third-graders, Sabryn Ronning and Jonathon Nauta, said they are looking forward to summer but are also a little sad that school is over.

Sabryn said she will be attending Triangle Y Camp this summer and is looking forward to swimming and lots of outdoor fun.

Jonathon said he will be playing a lot of soccer and enjoying a trip to his family’s lake cabin in Michigan.

The kids said they have learned a lot this year in the third grade.

Sabryn said she has done a lot of reading this year. “I like the Junie B. Jones books,” she said.

Jonathon said he has learned a lot of math he didn’t know, like the multiplication tables he didn’t learn until this year.

In fourth grade, both kids said they expect to learn some fun things but also will have to do a bit more work.

“(It will be) harder,” said Jonathon. “My sister says we have to memorize all the states.”

Sabryn said she saw some of the class projects done by fourth-grade classes this year and is looking forward to doing them herself.

Edison Elementary is among the fast-growing schools in the Minot Public School District. The district plans to add a classroom addition at Edison and a second one at Perkett Elementary and will also be building a new elementary school in southeast Minot.

There are currently 7,417 students in the Minot Public Schools, up 263 from the 7,154 students enrolled on the last day of school in 2013.