Delta’s live Duck Cam features Towner County star

A blue-winged teal is North Dakota’s answer to Duck Dynasty.

That’s no joke. A teal known as “007” getting more air time than the well-known bearded boys from Monroe, La. It is taking place in North Dakota’s Towner County. That’s where Delta Waterfowl has set up a camera aimed solely at 007 and her nest of 12 eggs.

“This is our second version. It’s been fun. A lot of fun,” said Joel Brice, from his Delta Waterfowl Bismarck office where he serves as vice president of conservation and hunter recruitment. “We’ve seen mallards and pintails and blue-winged teal. We’ve seen hatches and failures.”

Last year, predators – one badger and one skunk – each destroyed a duck nest. However, the Duck Cam captured the hatching of a clutch of mallard ducklings and seven young pintails. This year, it is 007’s turn to capture the attention of a webcam audience.

“Technicians have candled her eggs and say the hatch should come the latter part of next week,” said Brice this past Thursday. “That is if the nest doesn’t get destroyed. People can even tune in after dark. It’s outstanding.”

According to Brice, a night vision camera provides an excellent view of 007 sitting on her nest, keeping the eggs warm and watching carefully for predators.

“It’s a learning thing for the public. They can see the issues and challenges facing ducks,” explained Brice. “People are familiar with waterfowl from a hunting standpoint but the breeding side of what it takes to have a good fall flight, I think, is a mystery to a lot of people.”

Towner County’s blue-winged teal 007 can be seen live anytime at ( That’s dependent, of course, on whether or not a predator gets to her before your computer does.

While viewers are hopefully cheering for 007’s success, she won’t be the only star of the nesting season. Other episodes of Duck Cam are planned for the coming weeks. Brice says as many as four other ducks have already been located on nests and are waiting their turn for a chance at the big stage.