My Harlem Globetrotters Experience


Hello!!!! My name is Coleman Madland and I recently won an essay contest that gave me the opportunity to attend the Harlem Globetrotters games at the MSU Dome. I also got to bring my dad and two friends. We absolutely loved it! We’ll never forget that game.

OK, enough with the dramatic intro. Another perk of winning the contest was that I got to interview one of the players from the Globetrotters team! I asked Eric (Hacksaw is his Globetrotters name) some questions about basketball and being an amazing Globetrotter, and here are some of his responses.

When asked how long he’s been playing basketball, Hacksaw said that he started playing basketball at the extremely young age of 6!!!! WOW! He also told me that he focused on basketball and graduated from Radford University in 2009. He soon became a Globetrotter. Eric was a very patient listener.

A few questions later, Eric handed me a free Globetrotters ball with the coach’s signature and a T-shirt. He even let us take a few pictures with him! After thanking him and saying goodbye, I got some food and watched the game with my dad and my two friends, Cody and Eric (not Hacksaw, my friend Eric), and about 1,750 other people.

The game was absolutely exciting. The Globetrotters did all kinds of epic tricks that must have taken years of practice to master. If you want to be a Globetrotter or someone as good at basketball as they are, you would need tons of practice. Overall, I really enjoyed my Harlem Globetrotters Experience. I’m looking forward to watching another game soon!