Take time to vote today

It’s voting day in Minot, and we encourage all eligible residents to take a few minutes to take part in the election process.

A variety of important decisions will be made today, including electing a new mayor of Minot, choosing members of the Minot city council and the Minot Public School District school board, among other positions to be filled by the voters. Today also serves as a primary election for a host of statewide offices, including the Ward County Commission, with many candidates moving on to the general election in November.

As always, the system of free elections does not work unless the members of the general public take part by going to the polls and making their choices known by voting. Polls today are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with voting held at Lewis and Clark School, Church of the Christ, Maysa Arena and First Assembly of God Church.

Today’s election is important to the future of Minot. A new mayor and the city council,?Ward County commission and school board, all potentially with new members, will help shape the future of this city. It’s an important time in the city’s future, and today offers the opportunity for eligible voters to make a difference, and to make their voices heard. Exercise your right to vote today.