Cadet looks at Minot AFB life on the job

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Mary Clare Curtin said her visit to Minot Air Force Base this month will help her decide what career field to go into while in the military.

Curtin, of Richmond, Va., is among 10 cadets who are visiting the Minot base as part of the Operation Air Force program.

While at the Minot base, the cadets get a look at day-to-day operations at the base and career fields that they are or might be interested in pursuing.

Curtin has attended the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo., for two years. She said the academy is challenging. “But I know it will be worth it,” she said.

She explained why she chose the Air Force Academy. “I wanted to do something good in the world really help people out, and I thought the Air Force was a great way to start,” she said.

“I was actually watching a movie and I just saw some of the closeups the Air Force could do, like save people and help people. It just seems like they’re always there defending the country, and just to be any part of that is great,” she said.

Currently, Curtin said, her options for careers in the Air Force include public affairs, acquisitions, intelligence and pilot, probably flying heavies.

On Monday, Curtin, accompanied by 1st Lt. Jose Davis, deputy chief of Public Affairs at the Minot base, were visiting The Minot Daily News and other media.

“I didn’t grow up around military at all,” Curtin said, although she said a grandparent or grandparents were in another branch of the service.

“This experience is awesome for me because I get to see what the job actually entails,” Curtin said of her visit to the Minot base.

Besides her visit to the Public Affairs Office, Curtin will also learn about the base’s B-52s and helicopters.

The group arrived June 4 and will leave June 19.