2 new faces on the Minot Park Board

Tuesday’s primary elections were a bit like playing musical chairs for some of the candidates, particularly for the Minot Park Board. There were three seats open and four candidates vying for a spot, with the proverbial music stopping at 7 p.m. when the polls closed.

Park board commissioners Connie Feist and Richard Sabol were up for re-election, while Charles Emery and Nancy Beck were vying for a seat soon to be vacated by Robert Petry, who is retiring from the park board.

Feist, owner of Mile One Running Shop, won with a total of 1,871 votes and will serve her third term on the park board. She said the election experience has been really positive and has had people visit with her about the parks. “I’m excited about plans for growth,” she added. People seem to approve of the park’s flood recovery efforts, too, Feist said.

During Feist’s next term, she plans to continue envisioning the future for the parks. Her biggest objective will be to work with other organizations like Minot Recreation and Minot Public Schools, as well as other entities. “I think we need to pool our resources and spearhead efforts with different groups,” Feist added.

New to the Minot Park Board will be Charles Emery, manager of Maysa Arena. He won with a total of 1,443 votes. Emery intended to make his plans for retirement as director final the day after the race had he been elected. “I decided to run a year ago,” he said. “I felt I had ideas to make a difference.”

It has been interesting to be involved in the election process, Emery said. It has also been interesting to see the reactions of people when finding out he was making a run for a seat, he continued. “I had 99.9 percent positive reactions,” Emery said. “I never heard other people say they didn’t want me running.”

Nancy Beck, with a total of 1,737 votes, is the other new face on the board. Beck is a sixth-grade teacher at Erik Ramstad Middle School and works with the Minot Swim Club. She said the election experience was positive and supportive and fun to see how the process works. “I’ll have to learn a lot,” she added. “I hope to bring new ideas and continue with the ideas they have already started. It will be fun to be a part of that.”

Sabol received 1,290votes and there were 44 write-in votes.