Area towns elect new school board members

Voters went to the polls to elect school board members in districts around the region on Tuesday. Results follow:

GRENORA Sara Berg and Sherry Amundson Norman were elected to the Grenora School Board.

Berg was elected to a three-year term on the board, representing Area 3. She received 87 votes. Norman was elected to a three-year term on the board, representing Area 4. She received 88 votes.

NEWBURG Stuart Rothe and Nathan Boll were elected to the Newburg United School Board. Rothe was elected to a three-year term with 23 votes. Boll, a write-in candidate, received 8 votes for a three-year term on the board.

DEVILS LAKE Veronica Nicla and Steven Halldorson were elected to the Devils Lake School Board. Nicla received 82 votes and Halldorson 98 votes. Both positions are for three years. Write-in candidate Tyler Knutson received 28 votes and Eric Aasmundstad 9 votes.

BOTTINEAU Adam Frykman, Paul Olson and Mike Haberman were elected to the Bottineau School Board. Frykman, the incumbent, received 69 votes for a three-year term. Olson, an incumbent, received 64 votes for a three-year term. Haberman received 14 votes for a two-year term.

SURREY Becky Bertsch, Shelly Lee and Stephanie Munos were elected to the Surrey School Board. Bertsch received 139 votes, Lee 145 votes, and Munos 132 votes. All were for three-year terms.

ALEXANDER Larry Novak and LaShell Mugg-Tjelde were elected to the Alexander School Board. Novak received 59 votes and Mugg-Tjelde 55 votes. Opponent Kurt Fixen received 53 votes and Cecile Long 9 votes.

BEULAH Jen Steffan, Dan Ziman and Dwight Hatzenbuhler were elected to the Beulah School Board. Steffan received 704 votes; Ziman received 641 votes and Hatzenbuhler received 637 votes. Opponents Thad Zahn received 468 votes; Shauna Pierce received 361 votes; and Arnel Blood received 292 votes.

CENTER-STANTON Richard Schmidt was elected to an unexpired two-year term on the Center-Stanton school board on Tuesday. Schmidt received 318 votes.

GOODRICH Deneen Richter, Misty Galvin and Scott Knutson were elected to the Goodrich School Board on Tuesday. Richter received 69 votes, Galvin 62 votes and Knutson 47 votes.

HALLIDAY Jennifer Kuntz and Clayton Neurohr were elected to the Halliday School Board. Kuntz received 109 votes and Neurohr 83 votes. Opponent Colin McGregor received 64 votes.

KILLDEER Carolyn Benz was elected to the Killdeer School Board receiving 448 votes.

McCLUSKY Roberta Hunt and Phyllis Dieterle were elected to the McClusky School Board. Hunt received 227 votes and Dieterle 209 votes.

VELVA Bryan Dean and Tim Bourdeau were elected to the Velva School Board. Dean received 69 votes and Bourdeau 59 votes. Opponent Keith Heisler received 30 votes.

WATFORD CITY Pam Ramage, Heather Wisness, Gary Bruins and Beth Veeder were elected to the McKenzie County School School Board. Ramage received 808 votes, Wisness 818 votes, Bruins 803 votes and Veeder 795 votes.

WILLISTON Kimberly Semenko, Brion Norby, and Brett Vibeto were elected to the Williston School Board. Semenko received 1,727 votes, Norby 1,678 votes and Vibeto 1,509 votes.

Opponents Susan Brokaw received 1,168 votes, Debbie Olson 755 votes, Russell Larson 688 votes, Jeremy Cox 663 votes, Jeff Miller 374 votes, Ronica O’Dwyer 366 votes and Dawn Fisk 320 votes.