Pathetic voter turnout

Ward County residents ought to be downright embarrassed.

Voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was dismal, to say the least. In Ward County, only 7.67 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, the lowest percentage of any county in the state, according to statistics from the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office.

It disappoints us that after months of complaining about certain issues going on in Minot and the county, and championing the need for change, many of those same residents failed to show up at the polls Tuesday to exercise their right to vote.

We realize it was a primary election, with many of the candidates moving on to the general election in November. But there were also some significant issues settled and some important positions filled, including the mayor of Minot, members of the Minot school board, the Minot City Council and the Park Board, to name a few. The members of those entities have an enormous impact on the city, and they face constant pressure from residents to be responsive to the needs of area citizens.

Why, then, do fewer than 8 percent of eligible voters care enough to take the few minutes necessary to vote? The public complaining will likely continue when newly elected officials take office, and we have no doubt that some of those complaining will be among the 92 percent of eligible voters who did not show up at the polls Tuesday. Kudos to the 8 percent that did vote, but the rest should be ashamed of themselves.