President is out of control

Beverly Medalen, Willow City

When is Congress going to stop President Obama? About two years ago Congress passed a law that said President Obama could not take any action to change the circumstances of prisoners in Guantanamo without giving Congress 30 days notice. President Obama signed it. In other words, Congress has the right to investigate and control what will be done with any prisoners at Guantanamo, Cuba.

Now we hear five of the worst prisoners have been traded for one American soldier of questionable reputation. We all want our soldiers brought home but President Obama did not give 30 days notice to Congress. He broke a law he had signed.

He now is telling us this soldier needed medical help. Where is this proof? President Obama’s spin doctors won’t even let his parents see Bowe Bergdahl. Could it be that they are reprogramming him to say all the right things?

Questions about this soldier are multiplying fast.

1. Did he go AWOL?

2. Why did he ship all of his personal belongings home before taking a compass, food and water then walking away from his base in the middle of the night?

3. What statements was he making to his fellow soldiers against the mission in Afghanistan?

Congress was not given a chance to investigate this prisoner exchange made by President Obama. But then maybe members of Congress didn’t want to know. They after all stood and clapped when during the State of the Union speech President Obama told them he had a pen and would do their job.

We have another young American soldier who has PTSD and is in prison in Mexico. He accidentally drove to that border with three guns in his vehicle. He told border guards all of this. He phoned 911. That operator said she couldn’t help him. The question is: Why didn’t she call U.S. Border Patrol officers so they could go rescue him?

This situation seems to be an attempted shakedown. The Mexican border patrol officer let him phone his mother. Did they think his family could pay for his release? This has happened. It is well known that this border patrol officer gets a small salary yet he owns two expensive homes and a new car.

So now one of our American soldiers has been in a Mexican prison for more than three months, beaten and chained. And last week John Kerry was in Mexico talking with its leaders but we heard nothing as to whether he demanded release of this soldier who only got to the border crossing. Neither has President Obama made a public statement.

But this week we see on TV that the president met with the parents of Bowe Bergdahl. He hugged them and told them he really cares about our American soldiers in prison.

Does President Obama’s lack of interest in this American soldier imprisoned in Mexico have something to do with the Comprehensive Illegal Alien bill that Congress won’t pass for him? Most Americans only want the border closed. They don’t want a comprehensive Illegal Alien Law which is supposed to solve all problems with illegal aliens. Congress knows that so won’t pass it because we all know it won’t work.

President Obama and the Democrats, when they were in power in both houses of Congress, passed a Comprehensive (supposedly) Affordable Healthcare law. We are now seeing how that law won’t work. It’s a fiasco.

I have phoned North Dakota’s three congressmen to ask when is Congress going to take charge and stop President Obama’s irresponsible actions and I hope other will also ask Congress to do the right thing.