Lack of votes was shameful

Jim Weaver, Minot

To the people of Minot, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Tuesday you had a chance to engage in one of the rights given to us as a citizen, voting! It would have only taken a few minutes to cast your vote but yet 95 percent didn’t even bother. That’s right. In a city of nearly 50,000, only 2,500 voted for mayor. This is pitiful. Anyone who complains about the way things are or the “old boy network,” did you vote? Probably not. You shouldn’t complain then. You had the chance to make a difference but you chose not to. All that is needed to vote is to prove you resided in Minot for 30 days.

I took time to vote and it took a whole whopping 15 minutes. So I say to all of you who didn’t vote, you blew it.