Emergency landing

A JetBlue aircraft made a successful emergency landing Wednesday at the Minot International Airport. The Airbus A320 with a reported 126 passengers on board touched down at 9:50 a.m. amidst a fleet of emergency vehicles prepared to respond if necessary.

Fortunately, the plane landed without incident. No injuries were reported.

The plane was flight 597 from Boston to Seattle. Pilots reported smoke in the cockpit and alerted the Minot airport that it would be making a divergent landing. The plane approached the airport from the southeast as first responders and other onlookers watched anxiously.

After the Airbus came to stop on a runway, airport fire trucks approached the plane from the front and the rear. No smoke was visible. A short while later the all clear was given and the plane made its way to the main terminal where mechanics boarded the aircraft to determine the source of the problem.

City spokesman Bob Lindee called the event “a fairly routine divergent landing”.

When it became apparent that the wait aboard the aircraft would make for a lengthy and uncomfortable stay, the passengers were allowed to disembark about 11:30 a.m. They were instructed to remain in the secure waiting area of the terminal while arrangements were made to make repairs to the plane. Those repairs were completed about 2 p.m. The work was inspected and plane departed Minot for Seattle a few minutes later. JetBlue does not have service in Minot.