Parshall path to be dedicated

PARSHALL As part of the celebration of Parshall’s centennial this weekend, a $300,000 walking path will be dedicated to Phyllis Cross in a ceremony at 10 a.m. today in the city park.

Cross was a Parshall resident who died Aug. 10, 2008, at the age of 78. The path will be named the Phyllis Cross Centennial Path.

“Throghout her lifetime, she was an advocate for the good health and well-being of all people. She practiced the concept of holistic medicine, the belief that the whole person, the mind, body and spirit, needed to be in harmony and peace with the world around them. As such, she encouraged walking as an ideal physical means in which to achieve this sense of serenity,” a statement from her family said. “The Phyllis Cross Centennial Path is dedicated to the many people who traveled this land before us and to those who will follow in our footsteps.”

The path was made possible through a $100,000 contribution from the Phyllis Cross family and a $200,000 contribution from the North Dakota Department of Transportation. It will begin at the intersection of N.D. Highway 37 and Seventh Avenue across from the Cenex station and winds its way down to the city museum on a tree- and bench-lined path before making its way back up to Main Street across from the school. For the state contribution it is also considered a “safe route to school” according to Kelly Woessner, city auditor.

After a welcome by Malcolm Bruce Jr., chairman of the city park board, the path will be blessed by Cross’ nephew Ron Juneau. There will be a tribute to Cross by Karen Atkinson, her niece, Mohawk flute music provided by Sakoieta and a woman’s honoring song by Dawn Antone of the Oneida Nation.