The week that was

COMPLICATED QUESTION? For at least a week, reporters for The Minot Daily News asked what should be a relatively easy question for members of the Convention and Visitors Bureau committee to answer: Had Wendy Howe resigned as executive director of Visit Minot? Finally this past Friday, someone gave us a answer on the record. Yes, Howe resigned from her position roughly two weeks ago. Before that, we had numerous off-the-record conversations and we had heard several rumors about changes at that office. All the stories reported the same thing:?Howe had resigned, but no one would provide official confirmation. While we’re happy a board member finally confirmed the news of Howe’s resignation, it really shouldn’t have been that complicated. It would have been simple to issue a press release the day Howe resigned, and that a subcommittee will be formed to begin the process of finding a new executive director. Not releasing information in a timely manner only fuels rumors and speculation. The gravity of the situation and the high profile of the executive director’s position demand that information surrounding Howe’s departure be made public. Considering Visit Minot is primarily funded through the city’s lodging tax, the organization has a responsibility to conduct its business in an open and public manner. That hasn’t been happening lately.

MILLION BARREL CELEBRATION The North Dakota Petroleum Council will host a celebration Wednesday in Tioga, recognizing the state’s accomplishment of reaching the one million barrels per day oil production level. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Neset Consulting Service headquarters. The day’s activities will include tours of the state’s first well and air tours of the Tioga area will be available to members of the public. World War II-era fighter aircraft will also put on a flying demonstration. The day’s events will be part of a fitting celebration to honor surpassing the one million barrel milestone, which only four other states have ever reached.