Minot needs another vote

Ray Mertz, Minot

I am a disabled vet. I was wondering why my U.S. Constitution rights were taken away by Ward County Auditor Devra Smestad, Travis Schmit, Jerome Gruenberg and Mary Muhlbradt of the Ward County canvassing board members.

My wife and I voted at the courthouse. Why weren’t the write-in votes counted by the voting board. If you can’t count the votes, why is our tax money being wasted. Also, the voters’ time is wasted. If they can’t do their job, they need to be replaced by new people who who work for the tax voters. We want honest people in the City of Minot and all offices of Ward County, people who are going to work for the people of Ward County and the state of North Dakota.

Why don’t you ever listen to the people? Why are we voting when it means nothing? All votes were to be counted, according to the U.S. Constitution.

I feel that there should be a new election for the mayor position with both names on the ballot for the citizens of Minot.