Restoring Oak Park

Rod Emly, Minot

The Minot Parks and Recreation have been doing an excellent job of restoration of all the local park areas throughout the city of Minot since the 2011 flood. We just had the grand re-opening celebration of Camp Owetti, the Girl Scout camp, located in Oak Park as an example. Restoration of these areas have taken time as can be seen from the ongoing progress of restoring Roosevelt Zoo. I feel the Park District should be commended for all the efforts they have made in this restoration process.

Also of note though was the notice in the June 15 Minot Daily News was a notice from the city of Minot to home owners concerning the mowing of tall grasses and weeds. Oak Park was the recipient of the 2011 America’s Favorite Parks grant of $100,000 for being voted the American Favorite Park. While walking along the dike adjoining Oak Park and throughout the walking paths in Oak Park, you wonder if the vote would be the same. Oak Park’s wooded section, which includes Camp Owetti, is now being overrun with thistles and cockleburs. Almost the entire undergrowth of this portion of the park is being overrun with these self-expanding weeds. It makes me wonder how any new growth of trees to replace the ones lost in the flood can happen. In a short time the paths will not be a place one will want to walk.

As one of the residents living adjacent to Oak Park and working to restore my own yard after the flood, I get a little concerned whenever the wind blows and I see the seeds from dandelions and thistles blowing into my yard. I would hope the Park District has plans to spray for these noxious weeds soon before these weeds take over completely. It would be nice to see Oak Park restored to its original beauty where walking the paths are an enjoyable occasion.