EPA rules unnecessary

Steven Moen, Minot

I’m sure everyone has heard of the EPA ruling that will severely restrict the operation of coal-fired power plants, which produce 40 percent of this nations electricity, and the resultant increasing by 80 percent of electric rates across the country. Rep. Kevin Cramer and Sen. John Hoeven have come out against this ruling and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is still reviewing it.

The administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy, was on TV telling us that we produce 6 percent of the world’s CO2 and we need to reduce it by 30 percent by 2030 or we will be seeing massive climate change including the ocean levels rising 4 to 5 feet. The Sierra Club came out in favor of this and applauds the ruling with the draconian cuts and resultant increases in the cost of electricity and the hardships on the people. This sounds terrible but is any of it true? Global Warming: A closer look at the numbers is an eye-opener.

Respected scientists have stated over and over that the major greenhouse gas is water vapor which makes up 95 percent of all greenhouse gases and man is only responsible for .001 percent of that, in fact CO2 makes up only 3.6 percent of the mix and man is only responsible for .0117 percent of that. These scientists conclude that man is only responsible for .28 percent of all greenhouse gases and since the EPA director said we’re responsible for 6 percent of the total that means we in the United States contribute a whopping .0168 percent of the worlds total of mans contribution to climate change. If we reduce our 6 percent by 30 percent we only reduce it by .0056 percent a real insignificant amount so I guess the seas would only rise 3.977-4.9972 feet instead of 4-5 feet that McCarthy says they’ll rise.

I think the environmentalists should lead by example, if they still think this is a problem they should sell their cars, buy a bicycle, remove their air conditioners and furnaces and just so they feel good they can voluntarily pay double on their electric bills. Oh, and since the very act of breathing produces CO2 they should reduce that by 30 percent also.