Celebrating giraffes

Jazlynn Sweet, 4, and her sister, Kenna Sweet, 3, had a great time feeding and getting up close to one of the giraffes at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot on Saturday.

The girls, with James Sweet and Laura Anderson, of Minot, were enjoying participating in the zoo’s celebration of the first World Giraffe Day. After they fed the giraffe both girls chimed in together to tell another visitor that they loved the giraffes.

Allison Suda, zookeeper, assisted Jazlynn and Kenna and other zoo visitors who had lined up to get a turn at feeding the giraffes Saturday morning.

On the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, the Minot zoo celebrated the world’s tallest animal.

According to Staci Kenney, of the zoo, the Minot zoo was observing the day in conjunction with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and more than 100 zoos and wildlife parks across the world. The Minot zoo held a number of events for the visitors including keeper chats, an enrichment stand, a giraffe bouncy house, giraffe feeding stations and merchandise stand.