Zimbelman has served proudly

Curt Zimbleman may not be sitting in the Minot mayor’s chair any more, but we’re willing to bet that he will keep himself well-informed of the activity around the city. Zimbelman is, after all, a true fan and vocal supporter of the Magic City.

Zimbelman turned over the mayor’s gavel earlier this week to the newly elected Chuck?Barney. The Minot City Council chambers have been part of Zimbelman’s life for 36 years; 24 years as a city councilman and 12 years as mayor.

The former mayor has witnessed significant changes during his time in office. Consider what Minot looked like 12 years ago when Zimbelman became mayor; the city was considerably smaller, both in population and in actual size, and Minot hadn’t yet become the destination for companies and residents that it is now. Then consider what Minot looked like when Zimbelman began his career on the city council some 24 years before that, back in the mid-1970s.

Obviously, the growth of the oil industry has played a significant role in the changing of the city’s economy and overall environment, and Zimbelman has been a constant figure in city government during that time. He became the public face of the city during the 2011 Souris River flood and its aftermath, a thankless job that dominated Zimbelman’s professional and personal life at the time.

Zimbelman has served his city proudly, and has earned the right to step away from the leadership role.