Prison time for Ili

Jesse Ili, 22, was sentenced at the Ward County Courthouse in Minot Thursday morning for crimes including two assaults that occurred the night of Aug. 30, 2013.

On May 2, the former Minot State University linebacker was convicted of the crimes, which had originally been charged as attempted murder before quickly being downgraded before the case ever went to trial. In the end he was convicted of two Class C felonies, simple assault on a peace officer and preventing arrest or discharge of other duties, Class A misdemeanor assault, and two Class B misdemeanors, refusing to halt and possession of marijuana.

For the felonies and assault charge he was sentenced to one year in prison followed by two and a half years of supervised probation. For the Class B misdemeanors, he was sentenced to time already served.

In total, he has spent 85 days in custody and those days are credited to his sentence, leaving him 280 days remaining in his sentence, or just over nine months.

He will have to remain in North Dakota for his probation, unless he has his probation transferred to another state like his native California. After the successful completion of his sentence and probation he will be eligible for the Class C felonies to be reduced to Class A misdemeanors.

“This is a sentence that doesn’t downplay the seriousness of what happened,” said Andrew Schultz, Ili’s defense attorney, in an interview following sentencing. “I think it’s absolutely appropriate given the circumstances. It ensures he pays for what happened while at the same time it gives him the opportunity to rebuild his life after he pays his debt.”