Attend board retreat

Anyone wishing to get a glimpse of the future of the Minot Public School District should attend the Minot Public School Board’s retreat Monday at the Grand Hotel. Supt. Mark Vollmer perhaps understated the event: “It’s an important retreat,” the superintendent said.

He’s absolutely right.

Architects and others will make presentations before the board, and although no decisions will be made during the retreat, valuable information pertaining to the future of the district will be available. The event begins at 6 p.m. in the Candlelight II Room at the Grand Hotel, and there will be much to discuss.

The district needs to finalize construction plans for additions at Perkett and Edison elementaries, and continue discussion on building a new elementary in southeast Minot. In addition, safety and security measures at district schools are in the works.

Monday’s retreat offers yet another chance for members of the public to be involved in the future of the public school district. For those residents interested in the potential plans, the event should be marked on their calendars. It’s also another chance to be informed of the district’s plans moving forward, and no one can say the district and the school board haven’t created opportunities for the public to be part of the process.