Artspace: Persistence pays off

More than a decade ago, a project was launched to bring affordable housing for artists to downtown Minot, along with retail space and locations for art-related endeavors. Welcome to the new Artspace Lofts.

The new building has been complete for a while, residents are living in the apartments and the retail spaces are full of businesses like the Children’s Music Academy and Heart of the Turtle gallery. We’d say mission accomplished, and the project’s supporters celebrated this past week with an official grand opening.

The $9.4 million project was financed through grants, donations and cooperative banking. It took cooperation between local officials and numerous leaders in the Artspace organization to keep the Minot project on track. There were many years when the Minot project seemed to be dead simply because of a lack of funding, but supporters never waivered in their belief that the building would become reality.

And they were right. It’s become a grand addition to downtown, proof that persistence does pay off.

We expect Artspace to be a mainstay of Minot’s downtown art culture for years to come, providing a focal point for artists and patrons of the arts.