Known white nationalist moves to Sherwood

SHERWOOD Craig Cobb, 62, has moved to Sherwood. The date of his home purchase is unknown but Renville County Sheriff Barry Vannatta confirmed that he bought the house at 208-3rd Ave. E. in Sherwood.

Cobb is the man who famously moved to Leith last year and began buying lots there to sell to white nationalist friends of his. He later got arrested after walking around the town while armed making “patrols” with a fellow white nationalist named Kynan Dutton.

Cobb was charged with two counts of Class C felony terrorizing and five counts of Class A misdemeanor menacing. One of the terrorizing charges was dropped in a plea deal and he was sentenced on May 7 to one year in jail with all but time served suspended from the sentence in exchange for four years of supervised probation.

Various media reported that he tried to transfer his probation to Missouri but that state denied his request, forcing him to remain in North Dakota.

The house he eventually bought was not the first place he tried to buy there, according to a Mohall businesswoman who owns property in Sherwood. She spoke on condition of anonymity citing safety reasons.

She said that she received a call from Cobb, who identified himself with his full name and as being 62-years-old. He asked about an unused commercial property she had for sale there but allegedly took offense that she was asking him too many questions.

“Why would you want to live in Sherwood? There’s nothing there,” the woman said to Cobb, one of her many questions as to why he would want to live in an old commercial building that was built in 1904.

When they finished their conversation the woman began to ask her friends to pull up information about him on the Internet, which she does not have access to. From them, she learned of his history and decided she didn’t want to sell to him.

She claims that she tried to bring his relocation to the attention of authorities, but hadn’t found too much success. She left messages with the state’s attorney there and even called the statewide tip line.

“Sherwood’s my secondary community and people should be aware,” she said. “I care very passionately about the area.”

She claims that he said that he found the property by driving around Sherwood and that he had decided it would be a “nice area to live in.”