THUs could stay to Oct. 1 under committee proposal

Owners of temporary housing units who need more time to repair their permanent homes would get until Oct. 1 under a proposal of the Minot City Council’s Public Works and Safety Committee.

Of 21 former Federal Emergency Management Agency housing units still on private properties in Minot, 17 units would receive the extension. The previous extension expired June 1 but the council agreed to consider additional extensions for owners who filed requests and indicated a projected removal date.

Four owners did not ask for another extension. The committee is recommending that the council begin steps to remove these units at the owner’s cost. Two of the units are in northwest Minot and two in southeast Minot.

The committee is recommending the council allow remaining units to stay until Oct. 1. The bulk of applicants indicated that they would be able to finish their permanent homes and move back in before the end of the summer. A few owners needed more time, with some needing just an extra few months, although a couple needed another year.

The proposal approved by the committee suggests that the city inspect the properties before Oct. 1 and if progress can be verified, the council could consider additional extensions for those that need more time.

Jill Schramm