Debris isn’t appreciated

West Lake Condo, Association, Minot

On behalf of the West Lake Condo Association we would like to inform the Dakota Square Mall that we do not appreciate all the debris we receive from their snow removal. The snow is pushed up to the bank beside our property and when it melts we are left with carts, paper cups, plastic bottles and bags to flow down the Puppy Dog Creek for all of us and our wildlife to enjoy every spring. We are a habitat for wildlife and do not think this unsightly mess is conducive to their nesting area. Garbage buildup causes problems for the natural flow of the water which runs from west of Green Acres past Schatz Truck stop. Many families would be affected if the water was to be backed up.

Maybe a chain fence would help stop the problem. The litter could be cleaned up by mall personnel before getting to the creek. This fence would also help with the regular year-round litter blown from the mall to the coulee. We all think Minot has had more than enough flood issues to deal with. So please give this some serious thought. We would really appreciate it.

(Erling Scheldrup, Elizabeth and Dale Gange, Toni and Mike Kizima, and Marianne and John Wirtz are members of the association)