Challenging definition

John Trandem, Reiles Acres

Rep. Josh Boschee, D-44, recently appeared June 19 on KXJB’s 6:30 POV with Chris Berg to participate in a discussion about the recent lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s definition of marriage. During the interview he was asked a question by a viewer suggesting that his credentials as a human-rights advocate are questionable in that he voted against all pro-life legislation including HB-1305, which bans abortion for the purposes of sex-selection or genetic abnormality.

Boschee went on to call the bills extreme then did something which can only be described as ghoulish. He cited the example of his own brother who was born with mental and physical abnormalities and suggested that he wished his parents would have had access to genetic testing as to properly prepare for raising his brother. The context of the question was to determine how Boschee can call himself a human-rights advocate while voting against the extension of human rights to the disabled; his answer suggests that he wishes his parents could have known about his brother’s abnormality so they could consider abortion. He denied that was the case but offered no explanation as to what he really meant by the comment in defense of his vote.

Of the many questions this raises, the most poignant consideration would have to be the notion that homosexuality is a genetic condition. Although science has yet to provide any proof to back it up, it is at the core of the movement to advocate special rights for those who fall into that category.

Boschee’s vote suggests that he supports the right of parents to choose to abort children who are determined to be homosexual should such a test ever become available. I am left to wonder how that logic washes in the mind of a self-professed human-rights advocate and where the real extremism lies. Is it in a bill which passed with strong bipartisan support designed to protect the disabled from certain death, or in the advocacy of discriminatory policies which provide opportunities to murder your disabled or wrong-gendered child? As a North Dakota citizen, it seems wholly reasonable to expect an answer.