Too busy to visit the border

President Barack Obama was in Texas this week, according to the White House. Was he taking a look at a major humanitarian crisis in that state and Arizona?

No. Obama planned to visit Dallas and Austin to attend fundraisers for Democrat candidates.

With his approval ratings at historic lows, Obama has only one hope that he can accomplish his agenda. It is that Democrats will retain control of the Senate and perhaps gain a few seats in the House of Representatives.

Obama is attending to his own crisis – a political one. Someone else can worry about the tens of thousands of children who have illegally crossed the Mexican border into the United States since October.

Yes, since October. For months while he was deriding Republicans in Congress for not approving his immigration proposals, Obama said control of the border was not an issue. It was secure, he claimed.

He knew better.

As many as 50,000 children, many of them not accompanied by adults, have come into the United States illegally since last fall. If anything, the flow of them seems to be picking up. Federal authorities have resorted to stationing buses near border crossings to cart the immigrants away.

Meanwhile, it is clear efforts have been made to cover up the extent of the problem. According to one report, health care professionals who treated some of the children were threatened with arrest if they talked to reporters.

Obama’s presidency is being propped up only by dutiful Democrats in the Senate and House who continue to do his bidding. No wonder he has decided that helping Democrat candidates should be a top priority.