Taking care of our kids

Wayne Rowe, Minot

It was July 7, not a hot day in Minot thankfully.

You, are a shorter woman who had to take care of business at the DMV. Just a normal day for everyone at the DMV.

My wife and I took care of business at the DMV behind you. Then, we headed back to our vehicle.

What do I notice? You parked diagonally in front of us. You were about to back out and head on your way. What I noticed was two kids in the back seat of your vehicle.

Do you leave your kids in the vehicle when it is hot too? You have got to be kidding me NO parent, who takes that responsibility lightly should for a moment consider leaving their child in a vehicle.

A child in a vehicle, is in danger of the heat, is in danger of your vehicle being chosen to be stolen, is in danger of something happening to you while you are not around.

City of Minot, and those that make the laws we abide by… it is time to at least make a law that allows people to report the plate numbers and have a hefty fine thrown at these wanna-be parents. It is time for a sticker to be developed so that responsible people can plaster the sticker on the windshield letting these wanna-be parents think about what they just did.

I am livid and don’t even know the children who were left in the vehicle. Wake up everyone. One child has already died this summer let’s not have another child death in North Dakota.