Back in backs

Since the first of July the Pearson name means chiropractic care in Minot again.

Paul Pearson, the son of former long-time Minot chiropractor Scot Pearson, has returned to the city he grew up in to open up his own clinic with his wife, Devanni Pearson. Their first day as Pearson Chiropractic was July 1.

Their office in Suite A of 1310 E. Burdick Expy. overlooks Roosevelt Park Zoo, allowing them to take in the giraffes and other animals during the day from their large windows facing the expressway. It’s just the two of them but their new business is the culmination of several years of planning and just the latest event in this whirlwind year for them.

The pair graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in February, got married in Seattle in March, and spent a month-long honeymoon throughout Asia, spending around a week each in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and China before returning to Paul’s hometown just a few months ago to realize their dream of owning their own practice.

“Seattle is such a big area and it’s a little more unfamiliar and we wanted to go somewhere we were comfortable with. Devanni had been here a few times and it seemed as though she really liked the Midwest when we were going to school in Iowa,” Paul said. “So we kind of put it all together and this was the right place for us.”

Devanni cited increased competition and a busy marketplace to stand out in if they had chosen Seattle. They each really wanted to be in an area with family so it came down to just the two cities as locations to start their business.

“We really wanted to start a practice. We didn’t want to go and work for someone else right away and we did feel that the best place opportunity for us, for many reasons, was here,” Devanni said.

Paul was almost sure to become a chiropractor. Both his father and his brother Brady, who practices in Fort Dodge, Iowa, are chiropractors. So he left Minot after graduating from Minot High School in 2007 to study biology at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

The choice of chiropractic school was nearly a sure thing, too, because his family all went to Palmer.

The school is the first chiropractic school in the world and is where the discipline was founded.

After graduating from Western Washington University, in Bellingham, Wash., with a degree in exercise science, Devanni looked toward Palmer as well because that’s where her mentor had gone to school. She had experienced neck and back pain when she was younger and got her first experience with a chiropractor in high school.

“I loved the conservative approach that chiropractic had. There’s a lot of freedom in what you offer to your patient, which I think is great,” she said. “I thought it was exciting and decided that that is what I wanted to do.”

Studies at Palmer are divided into trimesters and it didn’t take long for Paul and Devanni to meet each other. They met in just the second trimester.

“That’s about two or three months after starting school and we met in a study group of about four or five people,” Paul said. “The study group started to dwindle down to four and then to three and then pretty soon it was just the two of us and we would start the study sessions with dinner.”

“We had the same school ideas and wanting to do well in the materials,” Devanni said.

But their early courtship certainly didn’t hinder their education prospects. Devanni graduated at the top of their class and Paul graduated with highest honors.

“That’s because I’m a nerd,” Devanni said, laughing.

The pair has already gotten off to a fast start. When The Minot Daily News visited with them on their first day on the job they were already consulting with patients and picking out the next appointment dates for them. They said that word of mouth has spread quickly and they made sure that they started a Facebook page right away.

They shared the excitement they felt themselves by sharing each update possible. They shared news about their new reception table, which was sourced from a business in the same building as them and assembled by their maintenance man, and they shared changes in all of their appointment rooms. It was an easy change because it was a doctor’s office before they moved in.

For such a busy year, though, they still seem very enthusiastic about what they’ve started. They handle everything in their business from the chiropractic work to the clerical to the business end and it has paid off. Of the three Google reviews already up after just one week in business they have maintained a five-star rating with enthusiastic comments attached.

“We both liked the idea of chiropractic,” Devanni said. “To help people physically rather than with medicine.”