Keep the postal common sense alive

It was certainly good news earlier this month when Sen. John Hoeven announced that U.S. postal officials are thinking twice about closing Minot’s mail processing center.

The center was on, off and then back on a hit list, so to speak, of mail sorting centers around the country to be closed or consolidated with others come January. Some 250 centers were slated for changes but as of July that list had been trimmed to 82 facilities, but still included Minot.

Hoeven went to bat for Minot and got Drew Aliperto, vice president of area operations for the western area, to reconsider Minot’s status based on the tremendous growth in all of the territory Minot’s sorting center serves.

We are still waiting for news on that reconsideration and can only hope that future mail volumes will be regarded in the final decision as well as existing volumes. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has also taken Minot’s side in this battle, which has actually been going on at least since the 1990s.

Common sense has carried the day so far; let’s hope there’s still a little of that left within the Postal Service today.