Step above a sloppy

The 2014 North Dakota State Fair opened its gates Friday for the first of its nine day run and this year, The Minot Daily News is doing a feature on foods new to the fair. I, Jill Hambek, one of the fearless reporters from the newspaper, have volunteered to try some of the new foods available and write a detailed report.

Friday’s featured food was the Sloppy Sliders from The Wife’s Kitchen, the bright purple and green food truck that has become a staple of the State Fair over the years.

The Wife’s Kitchen is operated by sisters Sharon Brauer and Lesli Getzlaff, but most of the new items are designed by Getzlaff. Brauer said she liked her sister’s sloppy joes and thought they might work as sliders. “It’s the same sloppy joe mix that’s on the Slaw Burger,” she added, referring to another item of the hamburger variety on their menu. Getzlaff includes cole slaw on the Sloppy Sliders.

“A lot of people are hesitant about cole slaw and they don’t like it, but once people try it (on the Sloppy Sliders or the Slaw Burger), they’re hooked,” Brauer said. “If you like the Slaw Burger, you’ll love the Sloppy Sliders.”

As the newest item on the menu at The Wife’s Kitchen, quite a few Sloppy Sliders have been sold so far, as of Friday afternoon. For $5, two little sandwiches are heaped with Getzlaff’s homemade sloppy joe ingredients and cole slaw. Brauer said some families with small chiclren could order the Sloppy Sliders with fries and it would be enough food for them to share.

Having gone through the public school system where a good day in the lunch room was one that featured chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes or rectangle-shaped pizza, and the less good day was when the lunch ladies served bland-tasting sloppy joe’s or chili, I was not too excited about trying little sloppy joe sandwiches. However, finding out they were little sloppy joe sandwiches from The Wife’s Kitchen, the excitement level increased since everything I’d previously tried from there had been delicious. I was a big fan of the Slaw Burgers after trying them the year before.

The Sloppy Sliders did not disappoint and are definitely not the bland, mystery meat-filled sloppy joe’s that you may have eaten at school. The cole slaw added a sweet element to the sloppy joe mixture, too. It’s also a seemingly healthier option for fair food since it’s not of the deep-fried variety. Plus, if you’re like me who isn’t one who would typically order something salad-like with a sandwich or anything, for that matter, then the Sloppy Sliders are a good choice because the cole slaw is already included.

The Wife’s Kitchen is located near Tubby’s and will be at the North Dakota State Fair for all nine days.