Bite-size steaks

Round two of tasting the new foods at the North Dakota State Fair next on the list were steak fritters. It took a stroll up and down the food midway and spotting a sign with the words “steak fritters” on the outside of the Carousel Pub before finding the place that sold such an item.

Steak fritters, sold by M&S Concessions, are small pieces of juice steak that are battered and deep fried. There are even dipping sauces of various barbecue flavors to accompany the fritters. One sauce that was the most spicy was simply referred to as the “boom boom” sauce by stand manager Mike Ruelle, for reasons you’d find out upon swallowing.

Ruelle recommended dipping the steak fritters in regular barbecue sauce or the sweet and red chili sauce. For those who are less daring and not into taking risks like this reporter, however, ketchup is also an option for dipping.

Even though it was early in the fair’s run, people had been ordering steak fritters on a fairly regular basis. “We’ve been selling them at the races and people liked them,” Ruelle said.

“The steak fritters are very tender,” added one man who was nearby selling beer tickets. He had tried the steak fritters earlier and liked them.

“We like to try a little of everything,” said an employee who was in charge of deep-frying the pieces of steak.

The steak fritters have a very similar taste to chicken fried steak, only you don’t need a knife and fork to eat it. Dipping them in white country gravy or ranch dressing would also make for a tasty option.

Also, while maybe not one of the more healthy food choices one could make at the fair, the steak fritters came in the right number so that you didn’t feel overly stuffed afterward. The steak was really tender as well and the breading was a perfect, crumbly golden brown that practically melted in your mouth.

Six steak fritters cost $6 and can be found at the Carousel Pub near the Grandstand, but you have to be 21 or older in order to go into the Carousel Pub.