So you might be a redneck?

If you excel at running with a greased watermelon or pushing your face into a pie pan of whipped cream in search of Starburst candies, then a good ol’ Redneck Relay just might be for you.

Several two-person teams participated in the Redneck Relay at the North Dakota State Fair Sunday afternoon. The wild and messy event was held at the Dakota Talent Stage at the fairgrounds. It was sponsored by North Country Mercantile of Minot.

Contestants were asked to do a variety of unconventional and entertaining tasks to complete the Redneck Relay. For starters, participants had to drink from a mason jar of “unknown” liquid, hold the drink in their mouths while sprinting to a distant table and then spit out the contents into a large jar. The process was repeated until the liquid reached a pre-marked line on the jar, meaning several hasty trips were required.

Other legs of the Redneck Relay included face-planting in whipped cream to find candy, tossing ears of corn into the air and catching them in a bucket and a wheelbarrow race where one partner walks on their hands, or attempts to, while the other holds his or her feet and pushes.

“The wheelbarrow part of the race is always a challenge,” said Emilie Rebelo, Sacramento, Calif.

Rebelo was in Minot for last year’s State Fair and had decided that she and partner Skyler Neibuhr would give the Redneck Relay another try.

“It was fun, but I’m out of breath,” said Neibuhr shortly after the race.

Among the first contestants Sunday afternoon was the team of Szaun Brudsch and Dillon Kossan of Minot. They did well, even after surviving a crowd-pleasing tumble in the wheelbarrow portion of the relay.

“I carried the watermelon and threw the corn,” said Brudsch. “What I liked most was watching Dillon shove his face in the whipped cream.”

“Whipped cream is not my favorite topping to put on anything, but it was a blast!” said Kossan. “It did get a little messy but it was probably the most fun part.”

Kossan had cleaned his face of whipped cream minutes after the race. Brett Rumpel, Craven, Sask., tried to do the same but was still wearing much of her whipped cream several minutes after participating. Rumpel said she entered because it looked like fun.

“It was awesome! I liked putting my face in the whipped cream and liked spitting the water into the jar,” remarked Rumpel.

“It looked like fun, but my hands are covered in vegetable shortening,” countered teammate Alea Cummins, also of Craven, with a laugh and a smile.

As part of the relay one of the teammates had to run with while cradling a greased watermelon. Cummins had that job and stood back while Rumpel face planted in whipped cream.

“It’s something you don’t see a lot and, really, it’s fun to do,” said Brudsch.