A race to the finish

Ready, set …. SIT!

Parents and siblings cajoled and waved toys at bewildered infants, trying to persuade them to crawl across the finishing line during the annual Diaper Derby Tuesday at the North Dakota State Fair.

Finally, little Maya Sacro, from Stanley, crawled forward a few inches and then stopped, startled by the cheers coming from the finish line.

Then her older brother waved toys at her and she crawled the rest of the way, leaving her competition sitting babbling at the starting line.

Maya’s dad, Darwin Sacro, said the key to getting Maya to move was her brother’s Legos.

“She wanted to put the Lego in her mouth,” he said.

Parents of the other babies, including a crew who showed up for the race wearing T-shirts with the baby’s name written across the front, said they were proud of the young competitors anyway.

The Toddler Trot, for toddlers under age 2 who can walk and run, was a little more competitive, with two dozen toddlers competing for the big basket that was the main prize. Several parents had their children practice before the race, trying to convince the kids to run toward the finishing line instead of into another lane or off to the side.

Trenton Robinson, 22 months, of Minot, was the speed demon of the race, handily winning both his first heat and the finishing race.

His mom, Michelle, said Trenton has to be fast.

“He’s got older siblings to keep up with!” she said.

This is the second year that the Town and County Credit Union of Minot has sponsored the race. Kids who competed in the heats all received a prize, from bibs to a tub of Play Dough, to Trenton’s big basket filled with stuffed animals and other toys.