Saltwater pipeline leak reported near Arnegard

ARNEGARD The North Dakota Department of Health has received a report of a leak at a Statoil saltwater pipeline about five miles northwest of Arnegard in McKenzie County.

Company personnel believe the leak is less than a week old, as they report the line was visually inspected by air on July 18 and no leak was observed. Their preliminary estimates put the volume of the leak at 3,150 gallons. They are reviewing records to further refine that estimate.

Saltwater from the leak migrated toward an oxbow of Timber Creek and a small amount may have entered the oxbow. A dike has been constructed on the site to contain fluid on the surface. Environmental samples were to be taken today.

Health department personnel are on the scene of the spill and will be working with the company regarding cleanup. Statoil has hired an environmental company to conduct remediation and restoration activities.