The joke’s on you

The jokes were flying through the air of the North Dakota State Fair Friday afternoon as kids tried their skills at stand-up comedy, a brand-new event that seemed to keep the audience laughing.

For a mid-afternoon boost, kids of all ages took turns telling jokes on the Dakota Talent Stage. “This will be the best comedy hour you’ll ever see in your life,” the emcee promised.

Joke-tellers stepped on the stage, said their name, and delivered their side-splitting joke. Afterward, they received a mini cookie from B & G Concessions and a ribbon for their efforts. Some of the jokesters, however, were so excited about telling their joke that the mini cookie and ribbon were forgotten.

“Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road?” one comedian asked. “Because he didn’t have the guts!”

A young girl named Layla asked why the cowboy got a dachshund, giving the reply, “Because he wanted to get a long little doggy.” The crowd laughed uproariously at the joke.

“How do you get an elephant to float?” young Tristan asked. “With ice cream.”

There were also a few knock-knock jokes in the mix, including some variations on the classic “Boo who?” joke where the punchline is, “Don’t cry, it’s only a joke.”

Additionally, a few teenagers shared their jokes, staying on the PG-rated scale, as requested earlier by the emcee.

Before too long, the mini cookies disappeared from all the joke-tellers taking the stage. “I hope everyone enjoyed the comedy spectacle,” the emcee said as the crowd dispersed.