Man charged with slashing at fair

A Mohall man is being held in the Ward County Jail after being charged in connection with slashing another man with a knife at the North Dakota State Fair.

Brandon Davis, 29, is accused of slashing a Nevada man’s face after allegedly pulling a knife during a fight in a bar on the fairgrounds shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

Despite the incident, Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski said that the number of law enforcement interventions is down this year. Incidents related to over-consumption of alcohol or underage consumption are common during the fair, he said.

Kukowski said a couple of medical emergencies occur each day, although seldom do they involve law enforcement issues. Early during fair week, a woman was bruised inside a ride due to apparent lack of proper ride restraints. The matter was handled by the midway operators.

A free stage entertainer also reported an attempted theft of frisbees and was thrown to the ground in stopping the intruder. The sheriff’s department increased the patrol in the area of the frisbee dogs event following the incident.