Building up infrastructure

More than $66 million in special projects, including a new school, facilities for seniors and children, a community center and several buildings for other specific purposes, will be built in communities across the Fort Berthold Reservation beginning this year.

All of the special projects were approved by Tex Hall, chairman, and representatives of the Three Affiliated Tribes’ business council, said Lon Burr, senior project manager for the tribes’ Special Projects.

Ground-breaking ceremonies were held last week for new buildings in several communities, including for the new school, community center and Head Start in White Shield, an Elder Center in Twin Buttes, a new Parshall Resource Center in Parshall and a new Communication Building, west of New Town.

Following is a list of the projects and their prices provided by Burr:

White Shield School, $14.3 million.

White Shield Community Center, $9 million.

White Shield Head Start, $1.1 million.

Twin Buttes Elder Center, $4 million.

New Parshall Resource Center, $1.4 million.

New Communication Building, west of New Town, $1.1 million. It will include MHA Times and KMHA Radio.

Veterans Center, west of New Town, $10.2 million. It will include all veterans services, including offices for veterans organizations and auxiliaries.

Interpretive Center, west of New Town, $9.4 million.

Department of Transportation building for Transportation and Highway Patrol, west of New Town, $5 million.

Roads Building, west of New Town, $3 million.

New lagoons for Twin Buttes and White Shield, $2.5 million and $3.9 million, respectively.

Twin Buttes infrastructure project with eight new housing units, $1.5 million.

Two houses (already ordered) for extra police at Twin Buttes, $450,000.

Work on all of the projects is scheduled to start this year. Burr said other projects will be added.

Last year, a new school, a $9.2 million project, was completed at Twin Buttes, Burr said. The school project was a joint venture between the tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.