Get gates open so we can fish

Troy Johnson


What is wrong with the Corps of Engineers? I always thought they worked for the people of the U.S. What do they gain by fencing and gating off all the good ol’ fishing areas? We pay our taxes for this land and we should be able to use it.

We have way more shoreline in this state than the coastline of California and yet no place to fish in peace without being crowded by others. I know lots of people don’t respect land, so we need more officers, but don’t lock us out of great fishing and camping areas. Who in the government gave these guys power to deny the taxpaying citizen the right to camp next to a natural flowing river?

I want to see some answers from our congress people in this state ASAP. We are not wrecking the land as fast as the oilfield, so let’s get them gates opened. This state could have some very serious camping attraction areas for tourism if developed in the right way.