Prisoners should work for a living

Nancy Bommelman


I would like to know something. How come we can build a huge building next to the courthouse that has to have office space in it, so the county commissioners can have a meeting every month?

Can’t they use the public building where the city council meets? Have them go in there when the council isn’t there. I’m sure we can share right?

We should be building a jail instead of office space. There are 104 cells and 142 people at last count. So these people are sleeping on the floor, and believe me sooner or later they are going to start crying and whining about how they are neglected, abused, or not being treated fairly.

Here’s another thing that bakes my cupcakes – do the county and city residents know that if a prisoner cries and complains about a toothache, the county jail has to take them to the hospital, and guess who’s paying for that? We are. The people that work for a living. The prisoners get three square meals a day, free medical, free dental. No wonder the jails are so full. Why not go to jail, they live better than we do.

Of course, I have more pride than that and pay my taxes, and medical, and insurance. The prisoners get all that paid for because they don’t have any money. So what’s wrong with this picture? Get them to get their happy butts to work and make them pay to stay in the jail. If they can’t pay keep them longer. There are 1,000 jobs available in Minot right now. Tell me why some of them don’t have a job. I know a hotel in town that offered room and board and free meals, along with a wage to work at the hotel. The people that were begging for food said “no we make more money out here.” How pathetic is that? This lady couldn’t believe it. We need to stop giving to these people that are begging all the time. Get a job and work for a living.