Still much to look forward to

Where did the summer go? It seems like only days ago, not months, that high school seniors embarked on their next adventures in life, albeit on different paths.

Some popular annual events such as the Sousa Concert in the Park and the Integrity Jazz Festival have come and gone. Even the North Dakota State Fair, which had another great run, is but a pleasant memory.

Another school year begins this month, and on its heels in September, the Norsk Hstfest – something for young and old alike to look forward to.

Before we get all melancholy about the coming of another winter, and dare we use the four-letter word “snow,” it is fact that there are still a lot of good times ahead. For example, harvest.

A cool summer – the high temp in July was but 90 degrees – has benefited area crops and gardens are lush. Soon those who enjoy them will be feasting on tomatoes, and gardeners will connive to pawn off excess zucchini on friends, relatives, co-workers and other easy marks.

Fortunate are we in North Dakota to have some of the prettiest falls, prime for late season golf and enjoying all of the fall high school and college sports such as football.

True, the summer may be more than half over but our glass is way more than half full. There is so much to look forward to.